When you’re ready for your next chapter

Leading from Within


When you’re ready for your next chapter and need one-to-one support, please visit my private practice for more details beldancollective.com


In my private practice I work at the intersection of Consulting, Coaching, and Creative Strategy to support women on the path to purposeful work. Creative Strategy is a partnership between creativity and delivery, dreaming and doing, philosophy and reality – that grey area between the underlying business strategy and creative concept. It’s where true affinity happens between emotional and functional needs.


My mind subconsciously analyses all the data, information, facts, assumptions, insights, sensory cues, etc that I receive from clients —and I recognise patterns. This then fuels that “a ha” moment, when an idea is conceived and my mind begins to translate those patterns into actionable ideas and beautiful, functional and engaging work that delights and delivers results.


My body of work is in service of women who are ready to usher in a period of transformation and be purpose-led – seeking to pivot their business, their career, their life in alignment with their purpose. I work exclusively with women in private 1-1 sessions – it’s a purposefully designed high-touch, high-end transformational experience and trusted partnership.


When women come to see me they are typically ready for a new chapter in their business or career. Foremost, my work helps women to connect their heart and mind. Connecting the heart and mind, is connecting to purpose. When we’re connected to our purpose, we feel in alignment, we feel ‘true’ to ourselves – this frees up a lot of energy to think clearer, be creative and move forward in flow.


From there, my job is to merge emotion with logic to create strategies and design a path forward that is purpose-led, human-centric and grounded in the practicalities of work and life. Helping to translate a ‘big picture’ purpose into a reality. In so doing, ultimately my work helps women to integrate their heart, head and hands – transforming not only their work but also their lives.


When we’re purpose-led and leading from within our body-of-work becomes a natural extension of ourselves – it’s authentic – and we build the unique body-of-work we are wired to build and serve the people we are meant to serve.


My work with women often extends to curating presentations / pitch-decks that help them share their work and communicate it as a commercially viable offering, presented in a visually beautiful and impactful way. Presentations / pitch decks done well, not only tell the story about a business or venture, it also connects the audience to the bigger purpose – it moves them.


To learn more about my private practice and how we can work together, please visit beldancollective.com