Women Living True to their Spirit – Shirin & Yasmine

Shirin Kouros & Yasmine Larizadeh are co-founders of London’s vibrant wholefood café chain The Good Life Eatery – one of London’s hottest healthy eating haunts. It’s simple food by strong Iranian women.

On Getting Started:

The young entrepreneurs were first introduced to one another back in 2012 by their fathers. Following a year-and-a-half long research and development programme and a rigorous restaurant training scheme, they opened The Good Life Eatery in 2013. Young entrepreneurs Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros clearly knew exactly what they wanted to bring to the city with The Good Life Eatery.

What is inspiring is how they have also brought a sustainability factor to their bsiness concept. Yasmine studied sustainable development, so from the interior to the way they embrace local aspects of cthe ommunity, they don’t do anything without knowing what the environmental implications will be.

On Living true to their Spirit:

Shirin loved the food and hospitality field, and decided to dedicate her life to it. She trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York before working at the three Michelin star restaurant, Daniel.  Whilst she loved the industry, she realised that fine dining wasn’t for her. Meanwhile in London, Yasmine was starting to wonder if her corporate job was right and was dreaming of opening her own restaurant.

Enter their fathers who happened to know each other, and put them in touch. With similar backgrounds and both being Iranian, Shirin and Yasmine both hit it off straight away and quickly the concept for The Good Life was born. Both work in their areas of strengths – Shirin does the menu development and Yasmine does the branding, marketing and creative direction of the business.

On the Spirit of Womankind:

With both Shirin and Yasmine having middle-eastern backgrounds they are aware of the stereotypes that follow them.

“People have a large misconception about women in the Middle East. Iranian women are at the forefront and driving force of any household. So this has hugely inspired us to go out and do this. My mum is a killer cook and brought light and influence to my life. It’s pretty cool actually.”

It turns out that their investor is also a strong woman ‘one of the most bad-ass women you will ever meet’.

On Self-Care:

In a recent interview with Get the Gloss magazine, Yasmine said “Always leave a couple hours a day for yourself, be it to go to a yoga class, have lunch with a friend or cook dinner at home. You have to maintain somewhat of a balance in your life otherwise you might go a bit cuckoo.” Shirin added “It’s a lot of work and the stress never stops, so you have to learn to take some time for yourself or you will go insane.”

Love The Good Life! Visit them at goodlifeeatery.com

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