Women Living True to their Spirit – Alida Boer

Alida is a social entrepreneur and the founder of MARIAS – a luxury handbag company that incorporates artisanal techniques in its designs. As well as being luxurious it is an ethical fashion label that celebrates the traditional craft and designs of Alida’s Guatemalan heritage.

After winning the Miss Guatemala title, Alida had the opportunity to travel to different areas within her own country. It opened the doors to see remote regions she would not have been able to access otherwise, and saw all the artisanal techniques that were so exquisite and intricate. She was deeply inspired by the women she met on her travels who are the pillars of support for their families, and yet still have so much love to put into their craft. They gave her one of her creations which she took with her on her international travels and after receiving so many compliments on it, the seed of MARIAS was planted.

Alida knew she had to showcase these beautiful techniques and bring it to other areas of the world while also giving these strong women the vehicle to devote time to their craft while being paid justly for their art. She founded MARIAS to blend this artisanal couture with contemporary styles and carry on this beautiful legacy. Her dream is for MARIAS to become a worldwide name representing the Latin culture and heritage.

“I always had big dreams and wanted to do something that would positively impact my country. A friend of mine once said, “If your dreams aren’t big, they aren’t dreams” and that always stuck with me. I always wanted to do things differently and worked hard to achieve large goals.”⠀

Alida is clearly proud of her heritage and aims to bring Guatemala’s endangered traditions back to life. Each bag not only tells a story and helps communities of women stay gainfully employed, it also portrays the millenary heritage of the awe-inspiring Mayan culture.

Visit mariasbag.com to view the beautiful collection.

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