Release Ritual – let go of what no longer serves you

December is always a good to time to perform a Release Ritual, so you can create space for what you want to call into your life in the new year.

Whilst the end of a year is a popular time for reflecting and releasing, you don’t have to wait for December to let go of what no longer serves you. A release ritual is something you can do anytime of the year – anytime you feel the need.

Release Ritual

Here is a Release Ritual you might like to try, and as always, I encourage you to trust your own guidance and intuition and add to this in any way that feels right for you:

1 – Create space – you might like to dedicate a corner of a room for your release ritual or if that’s not possible, find a little tray. It doesn’t matter how big or small, just give yourself a dedicated space to carry out this ritual. What is most important is to give yourself time for you – don’t rush through it, dedicate an evening for this or a whole day if you can.

2 – Invite in the elements – light a candle, place a rose in a vase, burn incense.

    • The flickering light of a candle symbolises our yearning and allows us to communicate our deepest desires and wishes (talking around a fire has been a long held ritual of many communities throughout human existence)
    • The beauty of the rose symbolises divine love and has a high frequency necessary for transmutation. Roses have been used in meditations in many spiritual circles for their beauty connects us to that which is greater (and always rooting for you)
    • The smell of incense will ground you. Smell is a powerful creator of sacred moments and draws us inward

3 – Set an intention
– intention changes everything. In this moment you are invited into the throne of your life, take the throne and close your eyes, breathe in deeply and ask yourself what you are ready to let go of. What no longer serves you? Sit and listen. Don’t rush this process. You might like to say a prayer, sing or chant and call in angelic energies to support you.

4 – Purge it out – without thinking just write down a list of everything you want to let go of – write everything that comes to you and don’t second guess yourself. No one will see this but you.

5 – Give thanks – express gratitude for where you are now and for this moment of releasing all the things on your list. Remember, some of these things may have served you at some point but are no longer needed. Thank them as you let go of them.

6 – Let it go – you may like to tear up your list and flush it down the toilet, or you may like to burn it into ashes, or set it a sail across water for it to wash away.

7 – Dance it off – after letting it go from your mind, it’s time to physically release it from your body. The best way to do this is to put on some music and dance or just move your body to release the energy from your body and psyche. You may wish to follow this up with a salt bath to complete your releasing ritual. Salt water is like ocean water – it’s cleansing and purifying.

8 – Sweet Surrender – sit in your sacred space and say thank you for what you have just experienced, and for all the energies that have accompanied you through the process. Sit in silence and listen for any further guidance. To complete your ritual enjoy something sweet – fruit, tea or a piece of chocolate, or anything you enjoy – you just need a small piece and enjoy it mindfully. In Eastern Philosophy, sweets would typically be offered after meditation or moments of transcendence and change, to leave a sweet taste in ones mouth for their new beginning.

9 – Really Rest – take time for a deep relaxing sleep. Don’t rush in the morning when you get up. Allow yourself to move gently and use your new energy to call in the new…

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