Self-care guide for women

If you’re ready to rise. This is for you!

Access the top 7 self-care strategies every woman needs. Are you ready to go from drifting along, carried by the demands of others, to make yourself a priority in your own life?

Of course, you are!

Your self-care starter guide includes:

  • 30 pages of visually beautiful content and imagery
  • 7 self-care strategies
  • Research-backed practices
  • Helpful tips
  • Reflective questions
  • Action steps

BONUS INCLUDED – Self-care journal + Planner Sheets

Your Self Care Starter Guide also includes a Bonus section on how to Develop your own Self Care Plan. You will find instructions on how to develop your own self-care plan along with a self-care planning template + a  daily check-in template which you can print multiple copies of to use each day.



8 Reasons Why you need this self-care guide

You are going to love this self-care guide because;

This Self Care Starter Guide includes seven strategies backed by research, you will not only understand the importance of self-care, these strategies will help you unlock new options and choices for yourself.

The insights in this guide will shift your thinking, and help you to start making empowered choices. When you’ve made one empowered choice, it becomes easier to make another. This is how you change your life. One choice at a time.

The easy to implement strategies will give you a whole new perspective on self-care, so that it won’t feel difficult to say ‘no’ anymore.

You’ll still be able to give and support others, but you’ll learn how to do that from a full cup – and it’s going to be so much more joyful and meaningful giving from a full cup!

This is the perfect time for you to pause and pivot – there’s no better time than right now to start self-care so that you can move forward knowing how to take care of yourself.

There are 30 beautiful pages filled with inspiration, and practical strategies, which you can implement straight away to help you come back to yourself – this will become your trusted guide.

Understanding self-care, and learning how to apply it is needed in order to transform…..that’s why you’ll also receive a Self-Care Planning templates which will help you to put into practice what you have learned straight away!


The aim of this Self-Care Starter Guide is to help you become more of who you are. There’s no pre-tense, no fake-it-till-you-make-it strategies – you’ll be able to make shifts in your life by simply being more of yourself…