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Wellbeing at Work: Burnout Prevention & Wellbeing for Multicultural Women in Organisations
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Burnout is a critical issue that affects organisations and their employees, with far-reaching consequences that include career stagnation, psychological consequences such as depression and anxiety, impaired leadership effectiveness, and a 35% increase in mortality


Women are more likely to experience burnout than men, with 43% of women affected compared to 31% of men. Women leaving their careers and leadership positions due to burnout is a growing concern, with almost 40% actively seeking to leave their employer within two years.

Minority women are more vulnerable to burnout due to various factors such as discrimination, lack of belonging, and unfavourable working conditions. Multicultural women such as culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women and adult daughters of immigrants and refugees in the workplace are particularly impacted by burnout, yet the least addressed. 

Spirit of WomanKind is a wellbeing company that specialises in addressing burnout among multicultural women through a systemic and holistic approach that acknowledges their unique lived experiences as culturally and linguistically diverse individuals. Our evidence-based programs draw on the latest wellbeing research and are tailored to the needs of multicultural women in the workplace.

If you are an inclusive employer committed to tackling burnout, you are invited to reach out and learn more about the challenges faced by multicultural women in your workplace. By working together, we can create a more supportive and inclusive environment that promotes the wellbeing of all employees, regardless of their cultural and linguistic background.

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