Setting a Vision: You can’t be what you can’t see

This image of a little black girl looking up at Michelle Obama struck me hard.

We are told that having a vision is a powerful way to getting what we want in life and becoming the person we want to be. But what if when you look around, you can’t see it? What if there are no role models around you? What if the thing you want to do has never been done before? Where do you turn?


I believe this is what Michelle Obama had to do. She had no role models before her. She needed to be her own role model of a black woman being the First Lady of America – she needed to do this first for herself, and in so doing pave the way for all the future generations of black women.

Our power and permission resides within us. When seeking a direction, a vision for your life… I believe turning within and searching inside yourself is essential. Unfortunately, this is often the road less travelled. Very few people go there.

A few years ago I went on a trip to rural India, just outside of Udaipur in Rajasthan. Girls in this rural town don’t see or hear of women who stay in school beyond 8 years old. They don’t see women gain a higher education. They don’t see women in careers and therefore…… they don’t aspire for it themselves. They can’t be what they can’t see.

Organisations such as Me to We are working to change this by engaging with the women elders in the communities. They are training and developing the elders to become leaders in the communities. The elders work with families and encourage them to keep their daughters in school. This is a vision for India’s future and the future for each and every child, including girls. It may not have been seen or done before. That doesn’t stop these community elders. They have an inner vision. They can see it in their minds eye. They believe it is important.

Inner vision is a powerful tool. You don’t have to wait for others to role model what you want in order to give yourself permission. Your permission slip resides within you. Leadership starts from within. And we are ALL leaders in our lives.

Searching within, is an ancient pathway that has lead artists, scientists and visionaries to come up with things never before seen or done.

Though it may not have been done before, it does not mean it cannot be done.You can be what you can’t see around you, as long as you have a vision for it within you. If your vision leads you to the road less travelled, embrace it, for you are on the true path for YOU.

What are you telling yourself you cannot do because you don’t see others doing it? What dreams or visions for your life have you given up on?

    1. Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you have been holding back on, waiting for permission for…..don’t censor yourself, just write it all down. This is for your eyes only.
    2. Now look at your list of dreams and visions…
    3. Pick one. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were able to do this? How can you get into the feeling state now?
    4. What’s one step you can take towards realising this dream?  Just one step …it starts with one.
      Example: If you’ve ever dreamt of running a marathon because it would make you feel euphoric, strong in your body, healthy, vibrant….. can you take one small step and start with a jog once a week, even if just for 10 minutes
    5. It takes just one small step, to generate the feeling you want. When you do this on a consistent basis, you’ll want to feel this way more often.

Feelings are powerful. Much more powerful than willpower. Once you get the feeling, you’ll find yourself making time and prioritising it. You’ll notice you’re not having to ‘talk’ yourself into it. You end up doing it because it feels good. That’s the whole point.

Your inner vision beckons you towards what is in your best interest, your highest evolution. 

Go inward.

Sense your possibility.

Believe it.

Take one step towards it…..

And know that your evolution will not be in vain – it will bear fruit that serves others in your lifetime and long after you are gone…..

Image: Instagram

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