How to use your Self-Care Planner and templates

Self-Care Planner

How to use the guide in 3 steps

Step 1

Daily Self-Care Journal


I believe self-awareness is empowering and daily journaling is scientifically proven to build self-awareness.


That’s why I’ve created the Daily Self-Care Journal so that you can start the day with Intention (this is the morning – top section of the Daily Self-Care Journal) and end the day with Reflection (this is the evening – bottom section of the Daily Self-Care Journal).


It’s really hard to grow and improve and make changes in your life when you aren’t aware of what it is you specifically want to change.


By tracking our behaviours and feelings on a daily basis, we get to understand why & how they are happening. We can then capture the areas that need our attention sooner so that we can take care of ourselves better.

Step 2

Weekly Self-Care Check-In 


After having kept a Daily Self-Care Journal, the next step is to check-in with yourself each week – I like to do this on Sunday’s.


I grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and my Weekly Self-Care Check-In sheet and review how I am feeling & what I am needing – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually.


This helps me plan for the week ahead – that’s when I move to Step 3 and grab my Self-Care Planner.

Step 3

Weekly Self-Care Planner


After I have completed my Weekly Self-Care Check-In, I grab my Self-Care Planner and note down when I am going to take the actions I need to take to fill up my batteries.


If it’s not scheduled, it just won’t get done. We have to allocate time and energy for our own needs first – before our calendar gets filled by other people’s priorities. We need to get in there and make our personal commitments first. Only then can we know how much time and energy we have available for others. Most of us have never learned to do this. Most of us have given all our time and energy away first and then tried to use what’s left for ourselves – doesn’t work like that my dear!

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