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Wellbeing at Work: Ensure your multicultural women employees can flourish in your workplace
Bespoke Group Programs
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Women Colleagues

Empowering multicultural women employees to excel at work

Burnout costs the Australian economy $14 billion dollars annually. It costs companies 15-20% of their payroll to cover voluntary turnover costs.


Women are more likely to experience burnout than men, with 43% of women affected compared to 31% of men. Almost 40% of women leave their careers and leadership positions within two years due to burnout.

Other effects of burnout are career stagnation, psychological consequences such as depression and anxiety, impaired leadership effectiveness, and a 35% increase in mortality.


Women from minority groups are more vulnerable to burnout due to several factors that include, but are not limited to:

  • A lack of belonging

  • Fatigue from feeling different all the time (researchers refer to this as 'emotional tax')

  • Overworking to be seen, acknowledged and accepted

  • Feeling overwhelmed knowing they are an unofficial cultural ambassador - their every action carries the potential to be interpreted as a reflection of their entire culture

  • Working in systems and structures designed for others

  • Dealing with implicit discrimination and unfavourable working conditions

  • Balancing expectations placed upon them to preserve cultural customs and norms while also pursuing their own professional ambitions - requiring a delicate dance between tradition and ambition


Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women and adult daughters of immigrants and refugees in the workplace are particularly impacted by burnout, yet the least addressed.


That’s where we come in.

Who we are

We are a wellbeing company offering bespoke group programs and advisory services to help your organisation understand the unique challenges faced by your multicultural employees around burnout.


​We work with inclusive employers who are committed to tackling burnout among their multicultural women employees. Our experts work with you to create a more supportive and inclusive environment that promotes the wellbeing of all employees, regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

What we do

We address burnout through a systemic and holistic approach that acknowledges the unique lived experiences of your culturally and linguistically diverse employees. Our evidence-based programs draw on the latest wellbeing research and are tailored to the needs of multicultural women in the workplace.

Meet our founder, Özlem Beldan

Özlem Beldan (pronounced Ers_lem) is a wellbeing scientist, educator, and practitioner.


She specialises in providing evidence-based, tailored coaching and positive psychology interventions for multicultural women living and working in Western countries. Özlem also designs research-based wellbeing programs for organisations seeking to support their diverse talent.


Özlem helps multicultural women pursue their potential, prevent burnout, and flourish (feel and function well) in their careers and lives.

Bespoke programs for multicultural female workforces

While burnout is often associated with workload, a lack of belonging due to identity complexity can make one more susceptible. CALD women and adult daughters of immigrants and refugees in the workplace are particularly impacted by burnout, yet the least addressed.


Our programs and advisory are tailored to the wellbeing needs of your organisation and your multicultural women workforce. It’s designed to identify and tackle burnout issues and prevent it from reoccurring.


By investing in your multicultural employees’ wellbeing, you’ll unlock the gifts of diversity inherent within your multicultural workforce and be rewarded with fulfilled employees who flourish in your workplace.

Why choose us?

Scientist Using Microscope

Evidence-led Approach
(Based on Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Science)

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Culturally Responsive Strategies

(Relevant, Relatable & Inclusive)

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Results-oriented and Impactful

(Validated Wellbeing Measures & Structured Sessions)

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Accountability & Support Between Sessions
(Priority Communication Channels)

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Access to Relevant Resources
(Ensuring Continuous Organisational Development)

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Wellbeing at Work
for your
Multicultural Employees

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