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Wellbeing Coaching:
Personalised wellbeing coaching to help multicultural women flourish in their careers and lives.
Private One-to-One Sessions

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stagnant, stuck, and like you have nothing left to give? 

You may be languishing.

According to American sociologist and psychologist Corey Keyes, languishing is one of the early indicators of burnout. 

It’s crucial to recognise the warning signs early and take preventive measures.


Our personalised wellbeing coaching program empowers multicultural women with tools and strategies to overcome languishing and prevent burnout so they can flourish in every aspect of their careers and lives. 

Sandra Wang

Özlem's work has been invaluable in getting clear and focussed on my personal and professional goals. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, warm and practical. These qualities have been pivotal in opening and informing a path for me that aligns my strengths with my spirit. It is impossible to put in words the effect of Özlem's work has on your whole life until you have experienced it. If you are ready to move aside the roadblocks and think of your life in a new light, I wholly recommend taking the journey with Özlem and seeing where it takes you.

How can I tell if I am languishing?

Languishing is often hard to describe, which is why it can be easily overlooked. When languishing is left unaddressed, it can lead to burnout - it's important to recognise and address it. Researchers have identified the following as some of the key indicators of languishing:

  • Feeling empty, stagnant, bored, stuck, or uninterested in your activities or work

  • Experiencing a lack of motivation or energy to pursue your goals or be your best self

  • Having trouble focusing or being productive

  • Feeling disconnected from others or experiencing a sense of loneliness

  • Feeling unfulfilled or lacking a sense of purpose

  • Having a low sense of self

  • Struggling with negative thoughts or emotions such as anxiety or sadness

  • Experiencing high levels of stress


Our wellbeing coaching programs use the latest wellbeing science and proven strategies to help you understand why you feel the way you do. We then design culturally appropriate positive psychology interventions to help you get unstuck and move forward confidently.


Flourish with personalised and culturally responsive strategies

We draw on the latest research in wellbeing science, use proven strategies and tailor the program to your unique circumstances and culture.


We use the following proven models and strategies to help you flourish:


  • Keyes' (2002) Mental Health Continuum

  • Evidence-based strategies from Ryff's (1989) Psychological Wellbeing Model and

  • Ryan and Deci's (2000) Self-Determination Theory and Basic Psychological Needs.


Your coach will co-design a personalised and culturally appropriate program to help you overcome languishing, prevent burnout and create a life that aligns with what you value, so that you can flourish.

Go from exhaustion to empowerment and a flourishing life

We understand the unique challenges faced by multicultural women and will support you to feel truly aligned with who you are and what you want out of your life.


Outcomes you can expect to experience during and after the coaching:


  • Feeling at your best and taking care of yourself

  • Gaining self-awareness, self-acceptance and confidence

  • Experiencing positive thoughts and emotions more often

  • Functioning optimally - psychologically and socially

  • Pursuing meaningful goals, feeling purposeful and working on things that light you up

  • Feeling a stronger sense of belonging

  • Setting and achieving healthy boundaries

3-Month Protocol:
From Languishing to Flourishing

Program Inclusions

The topics listed offer a framework and act as a guide. Your program will be tailored to your needs, lifestyle and cultural background.

3-Month Protocol:
From Languishing to Flourishing

Wellbeing Dashboard
& Debrief

In our first meeting, we'll discuss your completed wellbeing assessment to set clear goals for your program. Your progress through the program will be tracked on a personal wellbeing dashboard.

Sense of Self & Belonging

You have a unique identity, shaped by culture, gender, and other experiences. We celebrate these parts of you to boost your self-confidence and belonging. Our goal is to unlock your full potential and wellbeing by embracing every aspect of who you are.

Mastering your Environment

Our program boosts your self-belief. This means handling challenges confidently and flexibly. Strengthening this aspect of yourself will help you deal with challenges, tackle tough situations and reach your goals.

Research-Based & Co-Designed
Wellbeing Interventions

We use proven and culturally responsive strategies tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and background to create a personalised and impactful program together.

Self Mastery

Our approach centres on Ryan and Deci's Self-Determination Theory (2000), focusing on 3 needs: feeling capable, connected, and empowered through autonomy. By nurturing these, we help you to make desired changes in your life that lead to personal growth and reaching your potential.

Blueprint to Your Potential

We’ll create a personal plan for your best self. Your plan has practical steps and strategies to continue your growth once the coaching is complete.

Program Benefits & Outcomes

Our tailored coaching program lasts 3 to 6 months across 6 to 12 sessions and is adapted to your unique needs and cultural background.


Some benefits you’ll gain:

  • Healthy boundaries: Learn how to establish respectful boundaries at work and within cultural
    settings to balance autonomy and belonging.

  • Boosted confidence: Strengthen your self-belief and ability to positively master yourself and your environment.

  • Self-leadership: Gain techniques to direct your life, pursue meaningful goals and feel fulfilled.

  • Motivation: Use ways to self-motivate and develop competence and confidence.

  • Self-regulation: Learn tools to manage your emotions and flourish.

  • Identity and purpose: Embrace the multiple dimensions of your identity, recognise your strengths, gifts, and abilities, and learn how to use them to gain a sense of purpose. 


Note: These benefits and outcomes aren’t limited to these areas and may vary depending on your unique circumstances.

Neha Joshi

I am so happy to have you as my coach and really value all the help you have given over the past few months. I appreciate your communication style and holistic approach to coaching. I felt you really listened and understood me and my point of view which is why I was able to connect with you on many levels.
Through our conversations and diagnostics I now have a better understanding of my strengths - where, how and how much to use them. You helped me look at things differently which has changed my perspective on myself and the world. I feel more confident about myself and my work, and this is evident in how I have been handling stressful situations at work lately. I feel that working with you has transformed the way I think about things/career/life in general. It has encouraged me to be pro-active about shaping/driving my future.
I actually discovered my passion project in one of our sessions and have successfully taken my first step towards it – something I thought I would do in my 60s  I am doing it now!
If I could summarise in one sentence what I think is the most important thing about working with you is that “you get it”. You always knew what I was talking about and just exactly what I needed.

Why choose this program?

Scientist Using Microscope

Evidence-led Approach
(Based on Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Science)

Image by Christina @

Culturally Responsive Strategies

(Relevant, Relatable & Inclusive)

Business Woman

Results-oriented and Impactful

(Validated Wellbeing Measures & Structured Sessions)

Image by Marissa Grootes

6 to 12 Fortnightly Coaching Sessions
(90 minutes per session)

Mature Businesswoman

Accountability & Support Between Sessions
(Priority Communication Channels)

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Access to Personalised Resources
(Empowering Your Continuous Development)

Need your boss's support?

Are you interested in our personalised coaching program but need to convince your boss to support you? Book a free call to learn more about how our program can benefit your career. We’ll also give you a free "Convince Your Boss Pack," a step-by-step guide on how to approach your employer and request their financial support for this program.

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Martine Cotter

Özlem's work empowered me to reflect, reconsider and reconnect with my own ‘why?’ I was motivated to make genuine, practical steps to return to my ‘thriving zone’. Özlem has ignited a spirit in me that was gradually fading from the pressures of motherhood & working life. Now I feel enthused and excited about the positive changes I am making. I have a clarity of thought that has been absent for years. I’ve been galvanised into action! It’s truly life-changing stuff!
Woman at work

Discover your untapped potential

Want to learn more about our signature approach, clarify what you would like to work on, and see if we are a good fit? Book a no-obligation call to get started on a life-changing journey.

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