Calming Ritual – Create calming POD’s around your home

Calming Ritual – Create calming POD’s around your home

A POD is a Place Of Delight. You can create a POD in any space in your home – all you need is something beautiful to see, smell, taste, touch or hear.

Science has shown that our senses are the gateway to coming back into our body and coming back to ourselves. Our senses allow us to ‘feel’ calmer. When we feel connected to ourselves, we can also then connect to each other from a place of calm. Try to have as many of these POD’s as possible around your home.

What you need: You can use anything to create a calming POD in your home. I like to use the following but feel free to add to this list and use whatever brings you a sense of calm:

  • Flowers / Plants
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Fruit infused water in a clear water bottle/jug so that you can see the different colours
  • Crystals
  • Light background music
  • Fragrance, hand cream, face mist
  • Photos of loved ones & happy memories
  • Poetry / favourite quote in a frame
  • Mala beads
  • Lavender in an oil burner

This image is the little POD in my kitchen, I have my fruit infused water here by the flowers, and I can hear the birds just outside my kitchen window. I come here all through the day whenever I need an uplift.

Beauty for the senses always uplifts the spirit.⠀

Where can you create a POD in your home?

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