Burnout will bury you faster – especially if you’re a woman

Burnout will bury you faster – especially if you’re a woman

Burnout will bury you faster. It sounds dramatic, morbid even, but the burnout statistics for women are actually this alarming. ⠀

Dr Borysenko is a a Harvard-trained scientist and psychologist and she believes ‘Burn-out is a disorder of hope. It sucks the life out of competent, hard-working people. You lose motivation and vitality’.⠀

Women experience higher burnout rates than men and they’re often the last person to realise they are suffering from burn-out.⠀

I recently read a story in an article about a woman who couldn’t see that she was in burnout, but other people could. She was so scared of admitting it, even talking about it, because she didn’t want to appear that she didn’t have it all together. According to the story in the article she ‘eventually was unable to function, so she drove to the highest building she could find and contemplated suicide. Instead, she went home, buried herself under her duvet and gave way to uncontrollable tears.’⠀

Thus began her road to recover and lifestyle change.

The downward spiral begins when we start believing we have to be stressed to get anything done. I believe our ‘hustle’ culture has something to do with this. It’s easy to wear busy’ness as a badge of honour, so I’ve found it helpful to understand and recognise the differences between positive and negative stress.

According to Dr Borysenko, ‘productivity rises with stress up to a certain point. Pretty quickly though, we find ourselves in the land of diminishing returns where we’re working harder, but getting less quality work done. That’s when burn-out sets in. Women in burn-out exhaust themselves by doing, doing, doing. They also become cynical and negative about life. Feeling relentlessly put-upon creates a martyr complex and a raging sense of resentment and indignation that often makes burn-out victims feel justified in lashing out.’⠀

So how can we prevent burn-out? ⠀

Dr Borysenko says an early clue to burn-out is the lack of self-care. Women close to burn-out often put themselves last on their own list.⠀

Yes, that’s right. Self-Care is preventative. It’s not fluffy, it’s life changing. ⠀

Often we don’t do the things we want to do (or know to do) because we don’t know how, or where to start. That’s why I’ve created this Self-Care Planner to make taking care of yourself easy and enjoyable for you.

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