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I am on a mission to make sure each and every woman uses their innate and unique talents to live a life that feels authentic and true to themselves.

I’m Özlem, the Founder of Spirit of Womankind. I created this lifestyle brand and online portal for women seeking the kind of empowerment and inner confidence that comes from knowing your true self and finding meaning and purpose in your life.


I have been working with women in the intersection of self-leadership, spirituality and self-care since 2012. My body of work is in service of women who are ready to usher in a period of transformation and be purpose-led – seeking to pivot their business, their career, and their life, in alignment with their true self.


Having gone through my own life and career changes, I know first-hand how it feels to get to a cross-roads in life and not know which way to turn. Having the right tools to navigate these situations will not only help you get through it, but it will also help you connect deeper to your truth so that you can live a life that is true to your spirit.


Beneath discomfort lies deeper connection, knowing and ultimately freedom and empowerment that can only come from knowing yourself.

I left my Corporate Accounting career and completed formal studies in several coaching modalities, and eastern mysticism. I founded Spirit Of Womankind to be in service of empowering women from the inside-out. I work with women who are in pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life, and who want to lead their life from within. My approach infuses timeless spiritual philosophies with modern coaching modalities, positive psychology, design principles and creative strategies. My work is a judgement-free zone, it is steeped in compassion, a soft-yet-strong approach.


I completed my Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), and worked as a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). I spent over 15 years in the world of Corporate Accounting and Global Project Management. I led a busy and successful career that allowed me to travel the world, but deep down I felt excruciatingly empty, unfulfilled in my career and devoid of my true purpose. I knew that I had more to offer and I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world, especially for women and girls. I also knew that if I didn’t pause and pivot, I never would and I would end up stuck in a life that wasn’t truly mine – and I would end up having lived a life that wasn’t true to my spirit.

As an aunty to two adorable girls I am passionate about supporting women and girls to claim their self-worth and believe in themselves. Many of us are conditioned to be good girls and so we grow up being what we think others want us to be – we feel estranged from ourselves and often lose ourselves in the plight of pleasing others. Recovering from this requires work, and it’s necessary work to uncover the true beauty and unique gifts that each of us have – uncovering these gifts is one step, and then finding ways to share our gifts with the world is the next ….this is what allows us to live true to our spirit and be of service to others in a way that is empowering, fulfilling and meaningful.


I’m particularly passionate about self-care and I truly believe it plays a pivotal role in helping women make empowered choices in their lives as it relates to self-esteem and self-respect.


Through Spirit Of Womankind, I share research, resources, products and online programs to inspire, guide and support women as they embark on their next chapter in life – fuelled by purpose – so that they can live true to their spirit.


Thank you for being here.


Spirit Of Womankind is a lifestyle brand and curated platform that brings research, resources, programs and products to help women to connect to themselves, and identify their unique gifts and sense of purpose. In so doing, cultivating self-care and self-leadership – which I believe are the building blocks to designing your life, on your own terms.

Our Philosophy.

8 Pillars of Faith and Formation

I am on a mission to make sure each and every woman uses their innate and unique talents to live a life that feels authentic and true to themselves.


I believe that we are each undeniably worthy to live a true and fulfilling life.


I believe this starts with a deeper connection with ourselves – our inner world.


I believe self-care plays a pivotal role in helping women make empowered choices in their lives as it relates to self-esteem and self-respect.


When we as women make empowered choices, we step into our power, and self-leadership, and live true to our spirit.


I believe every woman has unique gifts – our sense of purpose and fulfilment comes from being able to use and fully express our unique gifts.


I believe that when we honour our unique gifts, and offer them in service of others, we not only make a difference in other’s lives but we also bring more meaning and fulfilment into our own lives.


By making a U-turn and coming back to ourselves; one-by-one, I believe that we can change our own world and then turn-around and lift others up as well.


I believe that when we as women reconnect to our true selves, our inner light, and live true to our spirit, we radiate a powerful force from within.

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