3 ways to incorporate rest into your day in under 10 minutes

3 ways to incorporate rest into your day in under 10 minutes

One the greatest reasons we lack self-care is because we think it needs a lot of time, so here are 3 easy ways to incorporate rest into your day in under 10 minutes:

1 – Find a Quiet zone: 
Sensory stimuli such as noise, notifications and urban traffic can often generate noise pollution and exhaust us.

Finding a quiet zone to just sit, and be in stillness and silence, can help calm our nervous system and relax the body.

This is a quick way to re-connect to yourself and re-energise before you join the world again and carry on with your tasks.

2 – Close your eyes and listen to your breath:
When we’re in constant motion – multi-tasking and doing, doing, doing, it can be easy to live in our head, and lose touch with our body.

Staying connected to ourselves and being in our body (as opposed to being in our head) helps us to have intuitive insights and assess things carefully and not run the risk of reacting to things or situations.

You can easily connect to your body by connecting to your breath – just stop for a moment, breathe deeply and listen to your breath while you are breathing. A few minutes can do you a world of good and will help you to see things clearly.

3 – Put your legs up the wall: 
This is one of my favourite ways to rebalance my body after standing or sitting for too long.

Simply lie back on the floor and place your legs up the wall, keeping your head and neck aligned and not moving about.

You can place your hands on your heart or belly for comfort and just let your body rest.

You don’t need to stay in this position for very long – just a few minutes can do wonders.

Always move out of this posture gently by bringing your legs down and hugging your knees to your chest, then turning to one side and slowly sitting up. Take a moment and then slowly stand up and move on with your day.

*LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: Different situations will call for different ways to rest – try one today and see how you feel. 

And remember, give yourself permission to rest when you get tired. Don’t wait to “finish this task” or postpone it to the “end of the day or weekend”. You’re worth giving yourself a 5-10 minute pause in the middle of your day to rest.

With Love,
Özlem x



Photo by Aiony Haust on Unsplash

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