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We’ve each been given gifts to use in life. When we share our gifts in service, we not only make a difference in other’s lives but also bring more meaning and fulfillment into our own lives.


Spirit Of Womankind is an online curated platform that brings research, resources, programs and products to help women design their next chapter – to create purpose-led businesses and live true to their spirit.


Let the world experience the full expression of your gifts.

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Welcome, I’m Özlem, the Founder of Spirit of Womankind. I created this online portal for women seeking the kind of empowerment and inner confidence that comes from knowing your true self and finding meaning and purpose in your life.


I have been working with women in the intersection of self-leadership, spirituality and self-care since 2012. My body of work is in service of women who are ready to usher in a period of transformation and be purpose-led – seeking to pivot their business, their career, and their life, in alignment with their true self.


Through Spirit Of Womankind, I share research, resources, products and online programs to inspire, guide and support women to design a business and life that is fueled by purpose, so that they can live true to their spirit.


I also head up my own creative consultancy…

where I work in the intersection of consulting, coaching and creative strategy to help women design the next chapter of their business and working life. In my I work exclusively with women in private 1-1 sessions – it’s a purposefully designed high-touch, high-end transformational experience and trusted partnership.


My clients are typically successful women who have reached a point in their business and working life where they are ready to move into their next chapter and they’re asking what’s next? My work helps them to align to their purpose (it’s not about finding it, but rather aligning to it, because it’s already there – you already know deep down) When we’re purpose-led and leading from within our work becomes a natural extension of ourselves – it’s authentic – and we build the unique body-of-work we are wired to build and serve the people we are meant to serve.


I’m particularly passionate about self-care and I truly believe it plays a pivotal role in helping women make empowered choices in their lives as it relates to self-esteem and self-respect.


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